Leather Cleaning in Arnold MO

Out of all the surfaces in our homes, we sometimes forget that leather needs to be cleaned. Typically we think of cloth upholstery or carpets as needing cleaning, but leather too can become very dirty over time. Leather can be a tricky surface to clean. There are many different types of leather. Each type needs to be cleaned in a specific way to keep the leather healthy. Whether it be a couch, footstool, or stool, Heaven’s Best will clean your leathered upholstery with care.

Benefits of Leather Cleaning

✔ Multiple Different Surface Types

✔ All types of Leather Serviced

✔ Preserve Your Investment

✔ Faux Leather and Real Leather

✔ Automobile Interiors

Our Leather Cleaning Process

Heaven’s Best uses a careful leather cleaning process that yields great results. Our cleaning technicians are trained in all our services to ensure quality work on all the jobs we perform.

First, our cleaning technician will examine what type of leather the furniture or car upholstery is made of. Once the leather we identify the leather type, we apply a cleaner to break up the grime or dirt stuck in the leather. We let the cleaner sit for roughly five to ten minutes to allow the cleaner to soak and break up any grime or dirt. Once our cleaner has done its job, we will remove the dirt and wipe the leather surface clean.

To keep your leather feeling soft and smooth, we apply a special conditioner. The conditioner used on your leather comes off over time and from any cleaning that you perform. Once we have cleaned and conditioned the leather, we apply a protectant to keep your furniture cleaner longer.

Doing this all yourself can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking. Avoid the hassle of figuring out what cleaners, conditioners, and protectants to use by calling Heaven’s Best. We will leave your leather furniture looking like new by the time we leave. Give us a call today for a free estimate on any of our Services.

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